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Episode 20 - Lydia's Funeral Video by Sam Chanse

June 28, 2023 Nathan Inzerillo and Nikki Jacobs Season 2 Episode 20
Theatre Couch
Episode 20 - Lydia's Funeral Video by Sam Chanse
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Show Notes

What would you do if you suddenly found out you were pregnant, dying, and needed to do your own funeral video?  Maybe do three sets of stand up comedy for good measure?  These are the stipulations imposed by Lydia Clark-Lin’s embryo, which she affectionately names Bubbly.  Mind you, these conditions must be met within the 28-day deadline required to legally terminate her pregnancy.  Placing the camera on her self-absorbed mother, her dingy bank co-worker Kimmy, her aimless baby daddy Gin, and her closest friend Bernadette (who just happens to be an abortion doctor), Lydia hears what everyone REALLY thinks of her.  But, it does not compensate for her finally coming to terms with what she thinks of herself.   Playwright Sam Chanse wrote and performed all 8 characters in this one-person show filled with wit and subtly profound revelations about why any of us are here.  Topics include:  women’s rights, abortion rights, moral relativity, art as therapy, indecision, true friendship, procrastination, lack of self-respect, and finding purpose.

Produced by Vast Improvement Productions.
Hosted by Nathan Inzerillo and Nikki Jacobs.
Theme song written and performed by Nathan Inzerillo and Nikki Jacobs.

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